Gobeauty NY


About Us

Gobeauty NYC is an NYC based beauty supply franchise established since 1996. 

We currently have 19 branches all over New York City and one in New Jersey. 

 Gobeauty is our new online venture and we hope you will join us!

 As you may know, with our offline market experience, we took it up a notch and created our

online market. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and convenience to our customers' world wide.  



What We Stand For


1.Customer Service & Packing

Our Gobeauty NY team has put in a lot of thoughts and effort into our service, even going as far as conducting

experiments to ensure quality service. As a study, we've placed online orders from various retailers to see what we can improve and add.

Through our study, we've learned that other retailers did not meet the customer's expectations or concerns as promised.

The packages looked as if no effort was put in it. When our customer makes a purchase with us,

the least we can do is pack the product with care, and ensure the customer receives their parcel on time.

We are proud to say that we believe in quality products and careful packaging. We've studied and learned,

and we want to give our best shot to all of our customers. Our company believes in quality, not quantity,

and each and every customer means the world to us. 



Our Gobeauty NY team loves to build relationships with our customers. We like to hear feedback and

concerns because our goal is to provide you with satisfying shopping experience.

We DO NOT believe we are just a regular retailer, our relationship does not just end at check out.

Our company created live chat to provide instant customer care.

We also signed up for twitter so we can keep our customers constantly updated. 


Lastly, we are always challenging the odds to invent and improve. We are here for you!