Gobeautyny is dedicated to instilling confidence and power to women everywhere, regardless of gender, age, race or color.

Our aim is to raise the self-esteem of those suffering from hair loss due to the after effects of cancer treatments, alopecia or those suffering from long-term hair loss through the donation of quality wigs.

Gobeautyny is more than just a hair business - it is an organization that believes in giving back to the community and building a force of strong, intelligent and confident women who can face the world any day.

At Gobeautyny we don’t just deliver hair, we deliver hope, courage and confidence.


 About Us

Gobeauty NYC is an NYC based beauty supply franchise established since 1996.

We currently have 20+ branches all over New York City.

Gobeautyny is our new online venture and we hope you will join us!

As you may know, with our offline market experience, we took it up a notch and created our online market.

Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and convenience to our customers' worldwide.



If you would like to become a recipient of a donation from Gobeautyny, please fill out the information  below and send it to the email sales@gobeautyny.com. with the subject line: Donations- "Your name/Organization". Thank you!


Organization Donation Request Information:                                                           Individual Donation Request Information:

*Name: ___________________________                                                           *Name: _________________________

*Address: _________________________                                                            *Address:________________________

*Email: ____________________________                                                           *Email:__________________________

Tel. #: ____________________________                                                           Tel. #: __________________________

# of employees: _____________________                                                           Social media: ______________________

website/page url: ____________________                                                           How will this donation improve your life?:

How many units requested:______________

Description of organization/goals:




The following rules apply to each donation that is given to an individual or organization:

1.    We will not exchange/take back the wig once the unit is donated.

2.    The donating unit will be selected by our team.